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Triptych:  The Order of the Holy Cross

Christ is in the center panel of this large triptych, seated on a Byzantine-style throne as the Pantocrator, or “Lord of All.” On the panel to Christ’s right is St. Benedict. He holds a book representing his Rule, and bows his head reverently. On the other side of Christ is James Otis Sargent Huntington, founder of the Order of the Holy Cross. He, too, bows his head in adoration as he presents a miniature version of the monastery to Christ. The background of the three icons depicts the glorious physical location of the monastery on the Hudson River. The three figures, though transcendent, appear in this specific place, a visual reminder that they are present with the community here and now, and that the brothers, through their Benedictine vow of stability, have a strong connection to the place in which they live.

Tempera and gold leaf on wood; 30”x45” center, 16”x45” sides; 2016. Holy Cross Monastery, New York.

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