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Mary Magdalene

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Mary Magdalene has been portrayed in many ways over the centuries, with most of the images decidedly unscriptural. I wanted to emphasize what we know of her from the Gospels, most importantly that she was the first witness of the Resurrection. The risen Jesus tells her to go and tell the other Apostles the good news, and so in the Orthodox Church one of her titles is "The Apostle to the Apostles." The left panel shows her meeting Jesus in the garden, with the empty tomb behind. The right panel depicts her fulfilling her commission and telling the good news to the Twelve. The large image in the middle shows Mary as she is traditionally shown in icons:  a red robe; her red hair showing (unusually for a woman); and holding a jar of precious myrrh with which she intended to anoint Jesus' body.

Tempera and gold leaf on wood; 3’ x 5’, 2014. St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Brattleboro, Vermont.  Case:  Jason Breen.  Photo:  Jeff Woodward.

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